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Erin Hegwer

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Erin is passionate about her profession and dedicated to helping clients find and negotiate the best terms for their home or apartment. Erin is a reliable professional and has 10+ years of experience in the multi-family residential industry including 5 years as an apartment locator. She has recently added residential home sales to her portfolio. As a member of the Arlington Board of Realtors, Erin has volunteered for a committee and is looking forward to serving her community.

Erin spends her personal time with her family and is involved with her daughters' school. She enjoys high school football and is a band Mom.

Erin has help a family purchase the home the were leasing.  Her clients achieved the "American Dream" of homeownership without even having to move.  Erin enjoys helping people make their dreams come true and she can do the same for you! 

Looking for an Apartment can be a hassle and not getting your calls returned is added frustration. Erin helps people find a place to lease, she searches for them, researches the status of the property, coordinates the showing appointments and at times submits your application for you. Helps you from finding the property to signing the lease. This is a services she offers to people looking to move into an Apartment renting for renting for $1,100 or more for FREE. Her fees is paid by the apartment complex*. If you would like to advantage of this great service then please call Erin at 214-460-8981

*you must put Erin name as the referral source and/or application.


If you would like for her to help you with your real estate needs, email Erin and she will contact you.