Brandi Peery

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Mom - REALTOR - Apartment Locator

Brandi grew up in a small East Texas town. After high school, she moved to the DFW area. For the last 16 years, she has been working in transportation. In 2014, she decided to obtain her Real Estate License and joined the Craig Real Estate Brokerage in 2015.

Brandi enjoys helping people find their new home, whether it be a new house or an apartment.

She understands the time consuming and frustrating task of finding an apartment. So it is Brandi's mission to make it easy on people and is helping people make moving less stressful. Contact Branid today and she will check availability and pricing, and help with the leasing process. Her fees are paid by the apartment complex*.
*You must put Brandi s name as the referral source and/or application

When Brandi is not working she is spending time with her family. She loves watching her daughter in any of her extra-curricular activities and spending time in East Texas with her parents.